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Animation director with a passion for wildlife

Hello, I'm an independent artist who likes to draw and animate. My work on CG features includes animation (Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Toy Story 2) and character concepts (Monsters University, Storks). I’ve directed or supervised several Google Spotlight Stories (A Windy Day, Buggy Night, On Ice, Piggy). In 2002 I cofounded DigitalFish, a 3D software company that is making a new animation system called “Reflex”. DigitalFish provides software services to companies like Dreamworks, Google, Facebook, and Lego. 


My work tends to be in feature film or TV development. Past clients include Pixar, Sony, Warner Brothers, Google, and Cartoon Saloon. I’ve lived in Thailand for nearly two decades, and I sometimes team up with The Monk Studios, a great studio in Bangkok that does Hollywood-quality animation and VFX. 


I have a passion for wildlife that has led to a collaboration with a wildlife rescue center in Thailand. We make comic books to teach kids about local wildlife issues. 


When I’m not working my wife and I like to hike the trails in the national park near my house in Cha’am, Thailand. Other times we just hang around with the monkeys. 

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