April 27, 2014


A pastel drawing from my Figure 101 class with the incredibly talented teachers John English and Andy Brinkman. They liked it but I agree with Andy that it looks like she's wearing socks. 

January 1, 2014

Windy Day

Early in 2013 I had the privilege to work with Jan Pinkava, Doug Sweetland, Jon Klassen and many other talented artists on a fun short called "Windy Day". I'll post a few character sketches below. The short is exclusive to Motorola's new Moto X phone. Watching Windy Day on the phone is super cool and really unlike anything else, but if you don't have a Moto X you can catch a recording of it on youtube


November 16, 2012

Inked-over 21

THE END. Hopefully the wolf's trip will be as fruitful as rat's was, but I guess we'll never know. Boy, the pen I was using is trashed... To make reading this a little easier, I'll put all of these drawings together in one large page next. Thanks everybody for following along, this was fun for me and the feedback I received was great!

November 13, 2012

Inked-over 18

Finally, the rat is happy and ready to change the world! Looks like this story is nearing the end...