Hello, my name is Mark Oftedal and I work as an animator, director, character designer, comic artist, and teacher. I studied character animation at CalArts in the early 90’s. My work on CG features includes animation (Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Toy Story 2) and character concepts (Monsters University, Storks). I’ve also directed and supervised several Google Spotlight Stories (A Windy Day, Buggy Night, On Ice). I am currently the Chief Creative Officer of DigitalFish, a 3D software service provider that is making a new animation system called “Reflex”. You can often find me teaching animation workshops online and at studios and schools around the world (Animation Mentor, ILM Singapore, Atomic Cartoons). Check out my comic "Elephants: Wild Again!" here. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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Alessandra said...

I have been such a huge fan of your work forever, and thankfully I finally put a name to your work. Wow!!!