June 30, 2012

I Love The Art Department

The Art Department rocks. About a year ago I was looking for a way to round out my art education without having to drop everything and go back to a "real" college. I stumbled across TAD's website and found an exceptional school with world class instructors who teach in online classrooms. I began as a part-time student last August, and the school waaay exceeded my expectations. If you want to learn how to make art from great artists, check it out!

I've taken the foundation courses Linear Perspective with Marshall Vandruff, and Fundamentals of Light and Form with Dorian Iten. I can't praise these teachers or the school enough. Thank you TAD!

These drawings may not be super-exciting, but it's all about learning the basics, not necessarily making amazing finished work. Here's a few samples of my homework for both classes:


David Bernal said...

Awesome!! Specially love the cube head!

Victor Luo said...

Delicate artwork mark, the cube head is cartoony you, right?