March 10, 2012


I was testing out this new sketchbook and ended up with little animal drawings all over. These animals have been on my mind ever since the raid on the WFFT rescue center here in Thailand last month. If you want to help, sign the petition to return the 100 animals that were wrongly confiscated. Thanks!


Aaron Ludwig said...

That bear wins. Awesome stuff.

Mark Oftedal said...

Thanks Aaron!

Sandra NĂ­ Chonaola said...

Love the shapes! Ya got me all geared up for Life Drawing tonight :)

...I hope all the animals made it home safe and sound :)

- That bear, really is brilliant!

David Bernal said...

I love the wild cat!

Anh Trinh said...

Hey Mark. Sorry I didn't see this petition earlier. Just signed it. I hope the animals are returned safely. Btw, awesome sketches, as always. Hope all is well in Thailand.