March 21, 2011

Mark's Reel

Animation Mentor has asked their mentors to upload a reel so that students can see our work and get to know us a little better. Students, I hereby present to you a sampling of my shots from "Toy Story" 1 and 2, "A Bugs Life", and my short "The Pumpkin of Nyefar". Now you know me better!

March 20, 2011


For fun I'm taking Jason Seiler's "Art of Caricature" class at Schoolism, which is teaching me how to do finished digital paintings like this one. This is kind of different for me, and it feels great to stretch into new territory. Schoolism is an online program with classes on painting, character design, comics, and more. The teachers are top notch so it's awesome if you aren't close to a good bricks and mortar school! (Or even if you are.) If I do any more paintings I'm not embarrassed of, I'll post them here...