March 17, 2010

Noodle Vendor

A few rough designs for my next comic book. Kitty is a Bangkok noodle vendor. The script is almost finished, so once the designs are complete I'll start drawing pages. Hurray!


Henrik S√łnniksen said...

That's some really cool drawings Mark, is it for the elephant comic?

Munchanka said...

Looks great! This character is so expressive and solidly designed, it makes me want to animate him! I'll settle for reading the comic, though.

Mark Oftedal said...

Henrik, yes it is for the elephant comic. It's slowly coming together.

Austin, after struggling with designing and drawing some of the environments for this story, I sometimes wish I were just animating it!

Thitaya (Tee) Pahsukkul said...

This is so cuteee!
I'm Thai but I can't do thisss
You are too good.