August 2, 2009

Zombie Ant Fungus!

I'm a big fan of science journalist Carl Zimmer. I get ideas for drawings and comics every time he posts on his blog, The Loom. Last week he blogged about a fungus which turns an ant into a zombie that marches 25 cm up a plant, turns to the northwest, and bites a leaf vein. Then the fungus grows a stalk that shoots out of the poor little ant's head and produces spores that rain down on the jungle floor below, to infect more ants. What an evil little fungus.

Here's a quick drawing based on the story.


Munchanka said...

I've seen the stop-motion photography of this fungus, it's amazing! Speaking of amazing, great strips man!

Mark Oftedal said...

Thanks Austin, awesome stuff on your blog, too. You mentioned CalArts, Pixar, and Gurney's blog. We have a lot in common! (I wish I could say I was a aspiring paleontologist; an aspiring naturalist perhaps) Do you wrestle? If you see Andrew Gordon put him in a headlock for me. Thanks!

Munchanka said...

haha, My office is just a couple doors down from Gordon's. Will do!

Tod said...

The new stuff is looking really great Mark, I guess I missed you at the office this week. Hope you and the new book are doing well.

Gulzar said...

These are great!

Greetings from India

Warm regards