August 30, 2009


Playing with the look of the next comic book, about elephants in the city of Bangkok.


Gelato Hunter said...

it's remind me a bit of MJ's pose (moonwalk,wow!)

Mark Oftedal said...

I forgot to draw the glove. The elephant will be moonwalking, as well.

Thomas said...
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Thomas-Bo Huusmann said...

Hey Mark.

thanks for the weekend, it was great. Sil and I already miss Joker, Sofie, Kitty, Max, Bucky and the humans living there.

here are some Peter Pan panels and Quest of the Time bird stuff by Regis Loisel

and some from my favorite cartoonist Franquin

Until drawing class and Papaya.


ps. will see if I can bring Black Ideas tomorrow

Thomas said...
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Mark Oftedal said...

Thanks for the links, Thomas! I love the Loisel stuff, it's just the kind of reference I was looking for. Franquin is of course amazing, too. If I could only get my hands on some of these comics...

Thomas-Bo Huusmann said...

Is it okay for you, if the franquin stuff is in danish or french.?
Then I might be able to get them for you

And I do have the Black Ideas in English here for next week.

+ I have the first issue of Valhalla in English, a danish comic from the 70's that you might find interesting as well

Valhalla cover

Mark Oftedal said...

Yeah Thomas, Danish or French is fine, but don't trouble yourself over it if its hard to get. Valhalla looks interesting, too. I'd love to see it.